Personalised Gear Finder

Please answer these questions and we’ll give you our personal recommendation on what gear would be best for you.

I am interested in the following product lines:

 Signature 3L insulated 

 Vir-Tek Shell 3L 

 Soft Shell 

What products are you looking for? (check all that apply)




 Winter Headwear 

How do you like your gear to fit?

 Uber gaper 

 Somewhat tight/fitted 


 Loose, not too tall or baggy 

 A little baggy 

 Super baggy 


  Tighter pants and tall jacket  

What will you use this gear for?


 Wearing around town 

 Both (riding and around town) 

 Making everyone jealous and general stuntin 

You'd like this gear to be (check all that apply)

 Super warm (for the coldest days) 

 Thick and insulated 

 For deep pow riding 

 For spring/warm weather riding 

 For wearing around town 

 Thin and lightweight