Warranty & Repair

– 1 YEAR SOFT GOODS WARRANTY (clothing, hats, & outerwear)

We make the best gear in the world and we stand behind it.

If you notice a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship during your lifetime (hard goods) or within the first year (soft goods), we will repair or replace the product FOR FREE.  This covers anything that has obviously failed from something done wrong at the factory like improper stitching, faulty seams, etc.

This doesn’t cover wear and tear, or abuse like walking on your pant legs, fogged or scratched lenses, punctures from pole tips, rips from trees or rails, slices from edges, etc. This also doesn’t cover any damage or shrinkage caused by a washer or dryer. We recommend hand washing and hang drying our products.

Basically, if you take good care of your stuff and it falls apart, we’ll fix or replace it for free.

Virtika has sole discretion to determine manufacturing defects.

For all warranty issues, please:

  1. Contact us at info@virtika.eu and send us a few pictures of the issue
  2. We will respond to your mail to resolve the issue

We will make every effort to take care of you and your issue as quickly as possible, so you can get back to enjoying the best gear on the planet.